Reliable Ford in Fergus was established in 1940. Since then, we’ve seen lots of trends come and go, but safety remains the number-one concern for growing families looking to purchase a vehicle. Second only to safety are questions about comfort, reliability, and affordability.

The Ford Company provides some of the safest vehicles on the road today. No matter what make or model your family may be interested in, these life-saving safety features should be part of your decision-making.


The Ford Co-Pilot 360 System is an all-encompassing safety feature. Providing drivers with six different elements and varying degrees of innovation, this safety feature is a literal lifesaver.

The Ford Co-Pilot 360 System comes standard on almost all makes and models and includes the following safety features:

    • Pre-Collision Assist With Automatic Emergency Braking

Pre-Collision Assist uses in-car technology to scan the road ahead and alert you to potential collisions with vehicles or pedestrians it detects in your path. If an object is detected, a warning flashes on the windshield and an alarm sounds. If you are alerted and take no action, the brakes are applied automatically. The brakes are only applied if you need them - not if you don’t.

    • BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) with Cross-Traffic Alert

Don’t take your eyes off the road in front of you to check what may be coming from behind you. The BLIS with Cross-Traffic alert can aid in the detection of vehicles coming up in your blind spot and alert you when it is not safe to change lanes due to a vehicle in your blind spot.

A light comes on in the corresponding side-view mirror to alert you to the vehicle you may not be able to see. *This system only detects motorized vehicles, not bikes, walkers, or other objects.*

Cross-Traffic Alert warns you a moving car is coming from either side when you’re backing up with three alerts: a light on the corresponding side-view mirror, a chime, and a message in the message screen.

    • Auto High Beam Headlights

Offered as a standard feature, the auto beam headlights can sense poor lighting conditions and automatically turn on to increase visibility.

    • Evasive Steering Assist

This available feature can help make it easier to avoid a potential collision. It does not steer for you, but it provides steering support if the system warning goes off and you need to maneuver around the vehicle ahead.

    • Lane-Keeping System

This feature keeps you in your lane, especially in a moment of distraction, by constantly scanning your positioning within your lane and alerting you should you deviate from it.

Head-Up Display

Available on most vehicles, this safety feature is great for everyone, but especially for families on the go. You know your eyes should always be on the road, and we know that sometimes, that can be a challenge! With Ford’s Head-Up Display you get all the critical driving information you need without taking your eyes off the road.

The Head-Up Display is designed to show images regarding current speed, navigation, and information regarding your pre-collision assist on a display screen in front of you as you look through the windshield.


The children are hot traveling in the back, but the grownups are freezing up front. Sound familiar?

Families consistently ask about rear air ducts, and our Ford Escape has them! Everybody rides in comfort with sliding seats for extra legroom, soft-cloth plush front bucket seats, and the convenience of SYNC 3 for touchscreen navigation, music, climate control, and enhanced voice recognition. SYNC 3 is also available with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.


Ford consistently ranks high in reliability on most models of cars, trucks, and SUVs. Families can rest assured that once they’re all geared up and ready to go, their Ford is ready to go, too.

An added comfort is FordPass with FordConnect, a mobile app that allows the user to access complimentary remote features like start/stop, lock/unlock, schedule a start, locate the vehicle, and vehicle status checks. With this app, you can contact 24/7 roadside assistance, see current fuel levels, service history, warranty information - even when it’s time for an oil change.


Ford’s commitment to producing quality vehicles at an affordable price has never waned. A safe, dependable vehicle is an investment, but with our competitive pricing and reasonable financing plans, we can help find the best car for your budget. Look at our current deals, compare pricing on our available models, and apply for help with financing before you even step on the lot.

Growing families can rely on our highly trained salespeople at Reliable Ford to listen to their top concerns and help find their perfect vehicle. Together, we can find exactly what suits your family best.