You look forward to having a new car, but you may have mixed feelings about the buying process. At Reliable Motors, we get it. Buying a car can get complicated.

We always do everything we can to make the process simpler for our clients. Thankfully, Ford is doing the same. Here are some things that Ford has done to simplify car shopping.

More Standard Features than Ever

If you take a look at the Reliable Motors inventory, you may notice that some car features are “standard” while others are “available.”

Standard features come wrapped into the price of the car. If a feature is standard for a model, then you’ll find it in all cars of that model.

Available features are things that you can add to customize your car. These features don’t come in every vehicle, and they cost extra if you do decide to add them.

If any of the available features are features that you absolutely need, then you may run into complications while balancing your needs and your budget. Should you spend more to get what you need? Or should you do without and save some money?

Ford has limited this complication by providing more standard features than ever. For example, the Ford Co-Pilot360 comes standard in new Ford vehicles. This advanced suite of safety features helps drivers stay in their lanes, avoid collisions, and maintain visibility.

Since all of these features come bundled into the price of the car, Ford shoppers don’t have to pick and choose.

Financing Options Make Car Buying More Accessible (=Reliable Motors)

At Reliable Motors, we know that very few people can afford to pay for a car in cash. Most people need some financing help to get the car they need, and they shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to make it happen.

Ford offers several financing options. With all of these available options, Ford shoppers can get what they need when they need it. If you need a car quickly, you shouldn’t have to wait.

It’s Easier than Ever to Shop Online

Remember how car shopping used to work? You’d explore a dealership, walk back and forth between cars, and make all of your choices in a physical space. You had to hold a lot of information in your head as you compared and contrasted your options.

Now, online car shopping has simplified things. You can compare cars side by side, and you can give yourself lots of time and space to make your decision. You won’t have to worry that you’ve forgotten anything, either.

Freely Available Research

Online shopping isn’t just great for comparing cars. It also means that you have freely available research.

Want to research individual car features? Compare notes about hybrid and non-hybrid options? You have all of those options right at your fingertips. There’s no need to dig for information.

Ford has made the research process even simpler. You can find all the Ford research you need right on Ford’s website. With everything from product specs to manuals to advice on individual features, Ford’s site provides everything you need to support your car buying decisions.

Complete Transparency

Few things are worse than buying a car when you don’t have all the information you need. Sometimes, car manufacturers and dealers use sneaky language, difficult site navigation, and other tactics to keep car shoppers from getting the whole picture.

It doesn’t work that way with Ford. Ford maintains its commitment to transparency, just like it has from the start.

Conveniently Located Dealerships

Did you know that Ford has thousands of dealerships across North America? More than 400 of them are in Canada. If you’re in the Fergus area, Reliable Motors is a highly convenient spot for car shopping.

Now you can compare cars online, schedule your test drive at a conveniently-located Ford dealership, and take advantage of your financing options while you’re there. This way, you’ll save plenty of time and make sure that you get what you need.

Excellent Customer Support

Ford remains committed to providing excellent support for their customers. When you have questions or concerns about car shopping, then you need answers fast. Ford’s commitment to customer service - both before and after you’ve purchased your car - can help you simplify your car ownership.

Much like Ford, the Reliable Motors team is also committed to excellent customer support. If you ever have questions or need help during your car shopping process, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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Are you looking for a simple and straightforward car shopping process? We’d love to help you here at Reliable Motors of Fergus, ON. Take a look at our inventory to get started, and please reach out to us if you have any questions. At Reliable Motors, we’re here to help.