Ford MyKey is a modern technology that keeps drivers - specifically teen drivers - safe and provides guardians with peace of mind. With programmable restrictions, MyKey helps drivers make safe choices.

Here at Reliable Ford, we are part of the Fergus community and understand what having a teen driver is like. Whether you are looking for a new car for a sweet sixteen birthday present or a family car your teen can borrow, we are here to help.

While many Ford models, including the EcoSport and Fusion, are compatible with MyKey, some models may not be. If you currently own a Ford, take a look at the owner’s manual to find out. If you are looking to purchase a new car, then talk to your team at Reliable Ford to find the perfect model that is equipped with MyKey.

What MyKey Does

MyKey is a tech feature that allows a parent or guardian to apply restrictions to other keys. Keys without restrictions are admin keys. These keys are used to turn on the MyKey settings for other keys. All keys activated with MyKey will have the same settings.

When both an admin key and a MyKey are detected by the vehicle, the vehicle defaults to admin mode.

MyKey Default Settings

When MyKey is activated, there are several automatic settings that cannot be turned off or changed. These default settings are:

    • Belt-Minder: To ensure your teen and their friends wear seatbelts, the belt-minder will emit a six-second chime every 30 seconds and mute the sound system until both driver and front-seat passenger fasten their safety belts. The message “Buckle Up to Unmute Radio” will also appear on the message console.

    • Driver-Assist Features: Even if your teen is a diligent driver, the unexpected can occur. Certain driver-assist features such as Park Aid, Blind Spot Information System with Cross-Traffic Alert, and AdvanceTrac will always be on to help keep your teen safe.

    • Earlier Low Fuel or Low Charge Warning: When you are new to driving, knowing just how far you can go after the low fuel light comes on takes some practice. MyKey triggers the warning to come on sooner, so your teen has more time to get to a petrol station.

    • Screened Radio Content: SiriusXM offers a wide variety of listening options; however, some of them are not the most appropriate for young drivers. With MyKey, any station labeled “explicit” will be blocked when your teen is behind the wheel.

MyKey Customizable Settings

With the admin key, you can set limits on certain things for MyKey. You can also change those limits as needed. Customizable settings include:

    • Top Speed Setting: There are four speed limit maximums for you to choose from so that you know your teen will not be driving too fast. As they approach the selected limit, a chime will sound.

    • Volume Limit: You can decide how loud your teen can turn up the volume when they drive. You can set restrictions so that the volume can only go up to 44% of the total volume.

Keeping Track of Your Teen Driver

Even the most trustworthy teens can be led astray at times. Using your admin key in the vehicle, you can review MyKey’s activity on display controls above the steering wheel.

With the admin key, you can keep an eye on the following:

    • Distance: The accumulated distance driven by all activated MyKeys. You can also use the admin key to reset the distance.

    • Number of MyKeys: You can see how many keys have had MyKey activated for the vehicle.

    • Number of Admin Keys: You can see how many unrestricted keys are associated with the vehicle.

Talking to your teen driver about safety and their driving limits is important. Teens do not always like having limits placed, though.

If your teen has access to an admin key, they can turn the MyKey setting off for their key. Periodically checking the number of admin keys and MyKeys associated with your vehicle and the accumulated distance driven will help you know if your teen is following your rules.

Lifesaving Technology

As a teen driver, there is pressure from friends to drive fast, look cool by not wearing a seatbelt, and to crank the volume up. When you are not in the car with your teen, you know that MyKey will help them make safe choices and be attentive.

While the vehicle is ultimately in the hands of your teen, MyKey can step in when needed to prevent the drive home from school from turning into a nightmare.

If MyKey is a feature you would like to have, then contact us at Reliable Ford today. Send us an email, give us a call, or stop on by so we can help you get peace of mind with MyKey.