Please note that information on this page could change without notice, at any time.

If you are financing or leasing through Ford Credit and are in financial distress and looking to defer payments, please do not call us, we cannot assist you. Please visit and log into your Account Manager. You will need your Ford Credit account number. Once in your account, find the SERVICES section and select “Payment Extension” or call 1-800-567-2426 to speak with a Ford Credit representative.

Please regard the following measures in place at our store, effective immediately, until further notice:

  • Sales Department open by appointment only: Our sales department is closed to walk ins and all appointments must be booked; however we are still available online 24/7.

  • Pick-up and drop-off for Service: Our service department is closed for entry. We are accepting drop-offs or using our pickup and delivery service only. We are able to pick-up and drop-off our customers vehicle anywhere in the local area FREE OF CHARGE until May 31st.

  • Essential employees to wear and change disposable gloves: Our employees that interact with customer and/or their vehicles will be wearing disposable nitrile or latex gloves and change them frequently.

  • Vehicle sales (deliveries) to be sanitized and quarantined : After the test drive of a vehicle, we will sanitize and quarantine the vehicle along with the keys for 72 hours before we will allow it to be taken out again.

  • Vehicles serviced to be sanitized: Each vehicle serviced at our location will have all their major touch points of contact sanitized upon entry into the shop and once again when the service is completed.

  • Service to be refused to symptomatic customers: We will refuse service to anyone that exhibits any symptoms of COVID-19, which include but are not limited to: dry cough, breathing issues, fever, lethargy, shortness of breath. We also kindly ask that if you are sick with the flu or common cold that you stay home until your symptoms are gone.